What's the Benefit of getting on the Amazon Bestseller List anyway?

This morning someone asked a question on my blog post about how I got on the Amazon bestseller list by only selling 33 books (How the Amazon Rankings can Work for You). He wanted to know if there was any benefit to getting on the bestseller list, other than bragging rights. If it actually increased sales.

Since some of you may be wondering the same thing, here's my answer:


That's actually a great question, Bill. There's not much use in all that effort if it's just for our egos! =) Here's what I've noticed on how being a "bestselling" author has helped me with sales.

1. Credibility for my book. People see that bestseller word and it gives them a higher sense of trust about my book/s. If that many people liked it, it must not be terrible (that's the idea anyway!). That ultimately ups sales because people are less hesitant to give my books a try.

2. Credibility for me as an author. Same concept as #1, but applied to me. When I'm at book signings and that's on my banner, again, people see something they like--it's kind of like a big fat good review for your book and your writing.

3. Better speaking invitations. I speak a lot, and it looks like you do, too, and again, people see you as more of an expert if you can say such-and-such a book on the topic they are interested in is a bestseller. You must know what you're talking about.

4. Your readers get excited with you and for you. If you market on social media, it's fun asking fans to help you get on the bestselling list, and then they get excited with you when you do, and that gives them a sense of ownership in you and your book, which is just good all the way around.

All of the above result in more sales. The more people want to try your book, the more people buy it, read it, then talk to other people about it, who buy it, read it, and hopefully that formula repeats itself till you've sold as many books as they think you did to become a bestseller! =)

Hope this is helpful. Your thoughts or questions?

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